Fixed Income

Shorcan Brokers Limited is an inter-dealer bond broker that specializes in the Canadian fixed-income marketplace. We have been an industry leader since 1977 and are currently a wholly owned subsidiary of TMX Group. Our hybrid model allows traders to access our marketplace via voice or electronically. Our Canada desk focuses on benchmark and off the run bonds while our Credit desk provides access to Provincial, Corporate, Strip, and CMB bonds. Our remaining products include Swaps, Repo, OIS and Treasury Bills.


Shorcan Energy Brokers Inc. provides professional coverage of crude oil products within North American markets. Our focused knowledge, industry expertise, and service excellence is what sets us apart, making us a preferred venue for your brokerage needs. We strive to eliminate the nuances of price discovery by providing daily mark-to-market pricing settlements and market commentary, equipping our participants with informed data to make business decisions.

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TSX Private Markets

TSX Private Markets is a dealer-to-dealer platform that facilitates capital raising and secondary trading in the Canadian exempt market. We offer our dealer clients the ability to distribute their private placement and prospectus exempt offerings through our network of approved Exempt Market Dealers and IIROC-Member Dealers. We also offer an anonymous voice-brokered secondary market for private company securities and unlisted public company securities, such as securities subject to a 4-month hold period. Our TSX Private Markets offering is complemented by an informational website: